Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Report and analyze your organization

The Business intelligence platform

Fully managed

The Business intelligence platform is fully managed and, if desired, the business intelligence application can also be managed. This means that you will not have to worry about the platform or the application

Usage Monitor

Send your organization to the use of data, our extensive usage reports give immediate insight into what is and is not used by whom

Latest Updates

We proactive give advice on new versions and ensure that they can be used if desired, without worrying

Pay for use

Due to our subscription form, you only pay for the users who use the system, no major investments are needed to purchase hardware or software.

Key Benefits


Our business intelligence tools can make all sorts of data transparent, whether in a database, Excel or in the cloud


Easily scale up capacity, storage space, memory or processing capacity


By monitoring the complete platform we have detailed insight into the integration jobs and the impact on the system and we can pinpoint exactly where improvements are possible

Developer Desktop

Each developer has access to a developer desktop with the necessary tools that can be expanded as needed


No more worrying about a safe environment, ISO 27001 Certified, HTTPS, AES-256 encryption

Always up-to-date

Updates and patches are part of the subscription

Our technology

We use standard software with a long history, which is widely used and highly regarded.

Tableau is the market leader in self-service and analytical capabilities. Make use of Tableau on our platform, which is fully integrated with the other infrastructure

Oracle Business Intelligence is a total package in which ad-hoc reports, dashboards and pixel-perfect reports (such as an invoice or a research letter) are fully integrated with each other

Why do customers choose us?

No worries

  • Specialist knowledge
  • Innovative platform
  • 24×7 Support


  • Monitoring of the entire business intelligence application
  • Monitoring the entire platform


  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly advice
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Alerts

Cost control

  • Fixed rate
  • No unexpected costs
  • Long-term focus
  • Scalable and flexible
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