Data integration

Data Integration

Integrate all desired company data

The data integration platform

A fully managed environment

  • Create your own data integration or ETL software
  • Start directly on our platform
  • Monitor the jobs themselves or have them monitored by us
  • Make use of proven software (Oracle Data Integrator/Talend)

Key Benefits


We can load and write data from on-premise or in the cloud resources on our platform to another database, on-premise, in the cloud or on our platform


Easily scale up capacity, storage space, memory or processing capacity


By monitoring the complete platform we have detailed insight into the integration jobs and the impact on the system and we can pinpoint exactly where improvements are possible

Developer Desktop

Each developer has access to a developer desktop with the necessary tools that can be expanded as needed


No more worrying about a safe environment, ISO 27001 Certified, HTTPS, AES-256 encryption

Always up-to-date

Updates and patches are part of the subscription

Our technology

We use standard software which is widely used and highly regarded. The software can connect out-of-the-box with all sorts of sources so that no separate interfaces need to be created.

Oracle Data Integrator is an enterprise ETL tool that allows not only Oracle databases but all sorts of sources to be read and written. By using knowledge modules, much-used logic needs to be defined as 1x.

Talend is an ETL tool with extensive capabilities to connect to open-source and load data to and from the cloud. In addition, there are integrated possibilities for the use of master data management, data quality functionality and the use of APIs

Kafka is currently the open-source standard for streaming data. Get streaming data and stream it to other systems if necessary.

All our tools are considered by Gartner as market leaders

Why do customers choose us?

No worries

  • Specialist knowledge
  • Innovative platform
  • 24×7 Support


  • Monitoring of the entire data flow
  • Monitoring the entire platform


  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly advice
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Alerts

Cost control

  • Fixed rate
  • No unexpected costs
  • Long-term focus
  • Scalable and flexible
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