process mining

Improve your business processes

With our process mining module you see directly where the deviations and obstacles in the business processes are and can be improved directly.

Start now

Because the platform is running with us, no servers or software installations are needed.

No upfront investments needed

Thanks to our subscription form, you can start immediately and stop it again if you no longer need it.

No worries

We support the whole platform and help you use it. No IT is needed here.

The benefits of process mining

Optimize your business processes


Speed up processes

Visualize how the processes run and compare the different variations

Fact based decision-making

Take decisions based on facts and not on assumptions or gut feel

Work cheaper

Accelerate annual audits and audits from the accountants by providing quick insight into the process execution

How does it work

Retrieve the data

Retrieve the data from the source systems. The only thing needed is a caseID, a timestamp and a step name.

Process the data

Process the data by the process mining software

Visualize and analyze

Visualize the data, analyze the differences between different variations, locations, departments and/or employees

Optimize the processes

Change the processes and view the result in the process mining software

Working with data without worries.

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